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Matthew Rosenberg Talks Annihilation Alpha and Omega, and Nova

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  • Matthew Rosenberg Talks Annihilation Alpha and Omega, and Nova

    Check out an interview at Newsarama with Matthew Rosenberg talking about the new Annihilation event as well as Nova.

    Glad to see our boy is back!

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    I hope what Rosenberg says in the interview is really reflected in the comic book. He sounds like he wanted to do something reminiscent of the Giffen/DnA Annihilation series where a gritty military science-fiction story is told respectful of the characters and content (i.e., without all the Gunn/Bendis goofiness) and truly set in space (i.e., not Earthcentric for a change) without many primarily Earth-based (I'm a little concerned about the FF being involved) heroes shoehorned in. And it sounds like he has the proper respect for Rider Nova and the Nova Corps (and we won't have to put up with having NINO around to wet blanket the storyline). I hope he pulls this off the way it needs to be done. I'm cautiously optimistic.


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      As I said in the review, the 1st Issue was pretty good. This is among the best Cosmic Marvel has produced since DnA's departure.