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Nova was originally a part of Avengers: Endgame

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  • Nova was originally a part of Avengers: Endgame

    What could have been. Should have went with Nova instead of Captain Marvel!

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    Yes. It would have been the perfect introduction. Honestly, I'm afraid of what will eventually get produced in this climate. What with Eternals being race, gender, and sexual orientation bent, who knows how Nova will be portrayed? Funny thing is, the twitter-verse gets all up in arms when Ancient One got race bent (though was OK with the gender bend) and I could only imagine the explosion if Black Pather or Shang-Chi got race bent, but is perfectly fine with all the bending that has taken place with Heimdall, The Eternals, The Torch, etc. and all the upcoming rumored bends for characters. Seems its OK to bend a character if it was originally played by a straight white male, but everyone else is off limits. Create new characters or use existing ones with the desired demographics and leave the classic characters the way they have always been portrayed. They became popular for a reason independent of their demographics. The only ones concerned about demographics are people who don't like or read comic books and don't like or watch comic book based movies as it just provides them with another criticism. Ignore the twitter-verse complainers.
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