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  • Watchmen

    I have to agree with the Rotten Tomatoes reviewer who said they should've just left the name "Watchmen" out of this because it is a bit of a bait and switch. If they had just written an original story about an alternate timeline and left the Watchmen references out of it, it would have been one of those 1 Season and done HBO series that the critics would love and that would have gotten mediocre ratings and developed a small fan base before being cancelled. And it would have played exactly the same because the Watchmen references are incidental and un-necessary to the storyline. What Hollywood doesn't understand is that the original material was great for a reason and writers should stick as closely to it as they can exactly for that reason. If you just want to use the material as inspiration and go in a totally different direction, do that - but don't co-opt the name, characters, and a few concepts from the original. Just create something new with a new name, new characters, and the concepts you want to explore.