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Green Lantern and Adam Strange on HBO

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  • Green Lantern and Adam Strange on HBO

    Once again Marvel misses the boat. I always thought an HBO Nova Corps series would be great. Now it can't be done without being criticized as derivative even though as I've said many times in the past, the only similarity is the word "Corps," - especially if the Nova Corps were portrayed in their original iteration as the Special Forces branch of the Xandarian Star Corps.

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    Here is the GL and Strange announcement:

    I suppose Marvel could do a Disney Plus Nova Corps series? Seems like something Nova for the MCU is in the works, but whether it will be any good is the question.


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      I am all in on a Green Lantern show. I thought the Bruce Timm cg cartoon was way underrated too, and if anything I give DC credit for the GL movie if for no other reason than getting Oa and the aliens all on screen and making it somewhat digestable.
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        I'd love to see a really well done GL show. I enjoyed the GL cartoon from the 60's. I saw it first run on Saturday mornings and loved it. They also did a great job with Flash and Atom. I'm not really a DC guy, but I did enjoy those cartoons back in the day. Was never a big Super Friends fan in the 70's, but could tolerate the old Aquaman cartoon from the 60's that was just as campy.

        Now for some really old school anime - ever hear of Marine Boy? I saw that first run in the 60's. Lays potato chips was a big sponsor and I just wish I still had the Marine Boy prizes they used to put in the potato chip bag. How about Robotech and Starblazers in the 80's? Another great contribution. They took the near incomprehensible Japanese stuff, Americanized it, and it was great!