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Nova, Adam Warlock Rumored For Annihilation MCU Movie

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  • Nova, Adam Warlock Rumored For Annihilation MCU Movie

    Nova, Adam Warlock Rumored For Annihilation MCU Movie

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    Wouldn't it be great if they actually did Annihilation right and closely followed the original serious story Giffen produced? I'm sure they'll feel the need to include Captain Marvel even though she was not part of the original story and she will be the PC "star" of the film rather than Rich Rider. I'm also worried they'll turn it from serious military SF into a silly, campy, goofball romp like the Gunn GotG films. I'm forming an Op-Ed about this topic.

    I've been watching re-runs of the SF channel's Battlestar Galactica re-make from the early 2000's. I previously watched re-runs of the original BSG from the 1970's. This is a perfect contrast that illustrates my point about serious military SF vs silly/campy military science-fantasy. For that matter, contrast the current re-make of Lost in Space with the silly/campy original from the 1960's. Same ideas in both cases, but current LIS plays it seriously and the original plays it for campy stories and cheap laughs.

    Now - I'm fond of the original BSG and LIS as cherished shows I enjoyed during childhood, but with adult eyes (and setting nostalgia aside) they were puerile storylines at best (though there were a few outstanding episodes of each series that rose above the rest - and those were episodes that took the material seriously and allowed the actors to shine by behaving like adults for a change). Critically and objectively speaking, which series of BSG and LIS would you rate as the best, the original or the re-make? In every way - from acting, to production values, to dramatic storyline, the re-makes are better.

    For the remakes of BSG and LIS, the producers (also people who loved each series from childhood) took the best elements from each concept, decided to play it seriously, and produced a quality product which can be enjoyed by all ages. They talked UP to their audience rather than going for the lowest common denominator and talking DOWN to the audience. The re-make of BSG from the early 2000's is the best Military SF show since Star Trek TOS and the re-make of LIS is the best Family Drama SF show since Firefly.
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      I have zero faith Kevin Feige will come through.

      His Phase 4 looks to be a big PC mess and all the MCU Cosmic stuff has been goofy, save for Thanos and the Black Order.

      Also guessing Gunn will be using PC lesbian Phyla in GOTG 3 who will be used in Annihilation, if it happens.