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  • Glad These Boards Are Up & Running

    Hi guys,

    I was glad to find another forum up and running for this kind of content! It seems that forums don't have the presence that they used to have, but I still love 'em. I hope this places continues to grow too. For anyone who doesn't know me from anywhere else, I'm a little bit of an Iron Man fan and Marvel Cosmic has always had a special place in my fandom. Particularly Quasar, who I'm always rooting for, hoping for new content, and waiting patiently for another relevant and definitive story featuring Wendell. To tell everyone here a little secret - I am probably actually a bigger Quasar fan than I am an Iron Man fan; but Iron Man afforded me many more fan opps in the past which is likely how I've gotten so dug in and associated with the character.

    Whether these forums grow into a large user base, or if they develop into a niche of hard core fans I'm sure chatting here now and again is going to be great.

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    Iron Man John! Welcome back!

    Yeah I am curious what they do with Quasar, if anything.

    I'm guessing Gunn is going to use Phyla Quasar in GOTG 3, so who knows what will happen in the comics.


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      Originally posted by Timelord
      Welcome IMJ! Glad to see you're back!

      Well, Matt, since Gunn has a vested interest in pissing you off, maybe you should write to him and suggest he use Phyla in the Quasar role. He'd use Wendell for sure then! lol!

      I wouldn't mind if he used Phyla in the Martyr role. I just don't want her with the Quantum Bands. Those are for Wendell.
      I messaged him a short time back and explained my fandom for Quasar and how exciting it was when he tweeted that Quasar tape deck a few years back. I emphasized that Wendell was 'the' character. I never got any reply, lol! I don't know what it would take for me to re-establish any of the "Hollywood Contacts" I once had for us to reliably get Gunn a message nowadays.
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        Probably better off not mentioning me if you are able to contact Gunn, lol. Seriously.